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Tips for completing over 40 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) from Wang Zhen

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Wang Zhen is a computational physicist who currently works on computational modelling for a manufacturing business in Beijing, China.

As of December 2013, Wang Zhen has completed 33 Coursera courses, as well as courses of Udacity, EdX, and Google. To many aspiring learners including me, he is very inspiring! If he can, so can you!

What are his secrets?

1. Learn for the sake of being happy. Happily learn. In his words, "Seek happiness. Can you gain happiness from taking a class? If you can, I think you’re going down the right path. Otherwise, try another class or do something else that makes you happy."

2. Try to make connections across courses and disciplines. To quote Wang Zhen, "Even though there are so many disciplines out there, there are also many fundamental principles that are similar"

3. Relationship matters. Learn with others. No man is an island. Find a study partner, having peers who can mutually encourage and support each other is essential. Cherish the forums. Be courageous to ask questions (不耻下问).

4. Deliver better (in quality / earlier) results than the required or the expected. Do your homework early. This principle applies in serving customers in business.

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