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What are intrapersonal intelligence?

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Dr Howard Gardners refers to intrapersonal intelligence as the ability to understand one’s self, one’s own fears, desires and abilities, and to use this information to regulate one’s life.
Being intrapersonal intelligent means being self-smart or comfortable with oneself.

People with high interpersonal intelligence tend to have high intrapersonal intelligence too because to communicate well often needs one to understand oneself first.

Characteristics of individuals / children with high intrapersonal intelligence:
able to reflect on their thoughts.
aware of their morals and courage to stand up for what they believe in.
communicate their feelings well.
enjoy working alone / show interest in hobbies they can do on their own e.g. stamp collection.
express strong like / dislike for things / activities.
good at following their own instincts.
keep a collection of their thoughts, e.g. journals, pictures, videos.
like to be original.
pursue their own interest.
set realistic goals / targets according to their abilities.
understand one’s own strengths and weekanesses.

How to develop intrapersonal intelligence in children?
help them to understand their own wishes.
help them connect concepts to real life.
guide them on setting goals and brainstorming strategies to achieve their goals.
inspire them by reading biographies of personalities.
share parents’ own dreams and thoughts.
talk to them about their feelings, ideas, and dreams.


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August 21, 2012 at 10:07 pm

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